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White Light photoblog (color)

Three DandelionsMarch 13, 2006

three dandelions in sepia

Notes:     I love the brown of this sepia toning. I have a new sepia hue that I've starting using: H:47, S:91, B:54. It's not too yellow, not too red, and definitely not too green.
Location:     Baltimore, MD
Camera:     Canon PowerShot Pro1
EXIF:     1/500 sec, F/5.6, Super Macro feature

Categories: Canon Powershot Pro 1 | Closeups and Macros | Flowers
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 Clouds  Boathouse Row  Trees  Dusk  Church and Empire State Bldg 


(Scroll back up to see photo.)


Ah, yes. Wonderful shot of something very COMMON. We heartily approve.

Posted by: mememonitor at July 22, 2006 03:13 AM
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